Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Innovative Indians : The King of Jugaads

Jugaad or Jugaar is a Hindi/Urdu word that provides a innovative fix to several day to day tasks. It is a Solution, it can be resource management, making our day to day workaround tasks easier.

It signifies the creativity and innovation that makes the existing things work and know by other terms like hack or Kludge in western countries, but Indian loves to call this as "Jugaad" and no doubt about it, that we Indians ranks on the Top worldwide when it comes to Jugaad. Jugaad is practiced by all the Indians to make the most out of what they have around them. A person who practice Jugaad is called as Jugaadu 

If you are not from India and landed on this page, Jugaad is smart, out of Box way or solution  to achieve result. Jugaad is adopted in all fields, Indian Companies are adopting it as method to reduce Cost for development and maintenance tasks.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Difference between Facebook and Quora

I hope you all must be aware of Facebook and Quora. Well Facebook is most popular social networking website that was launched back in 2004 while Quora is an Question and Answer website where Questions are asked, answered, edited and it is an amazing outlet for finding Knowledge on any topic, event or person and site is focused on getting high quality, authoritative content on any topic that people are interested in.Quora is relatively new in market compared to Facebook and was made available to public in June 2010. Quora founders are ex-Facebook employees, Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever resigned from their Job to create Quora.

No doubt Facebook is a great invention by Zuckerberg and FB took social media by storm, between 2008 and 2013, Facebook grew by magnificent 1130 % growth as its user base increased to 1230 million from 100 Million back in 2008. But in the recent months (or year ), there is a shift/transition of a large user base from Facebook to Quora.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why you should Blog

It is Post #1 on my personal blog and it is dedicated to blogging only.

Everybody have some hobby in their lives, Some loves to cook, some loves to explore world, some loves to collect antique stuff. During my engineering days, being an internet buff, i came across blogs and blogging world. Since then Blogging has been my primary hobby, though i have some others as well and i recommend everyone to blog.Blogging is combination of two words : web and logging is a medium of journaling online. It is a log of writings that is posted publicly on World Wide Web. Blogs are like mini websites and they are absolutely free.Blog may contain experience, observations, tutorials, thoughts and wishes that a writer thinks about.

There are huge number of blogs on internet these days and there is no special expertise needed to start up a blog.You can blog on almost anything you want that interests you, any niche that you like of your choice.You can blog about gadgets,cooking, any sports, traveling diary, poems, computer tips, personal blog and much more.Blogging can help you in many ways, it can help in promotion of work, grow your expertise.