Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why you should Blog

It is Post #1 on my personal blog and it is dedicated to blogging only.

Everybody have some hobby in their lives, Some loves to cook, some loves to explore world, some loves to collect antique stuff. During my engineering days, being an internet buff, i came across blogs and blogging world. Since then Blogging has been my primary hobby, though i have some others as well and i recommend everyone to blog.Blogging is combination of two words : web and logging is a medium of journaling online. It is a log of writings that is posted publicly on World Wide Web. Blogs are like mini websites and they are absolutely free.Blog may contain experience, observations, tutorials, thoughts and wishes that a writer thinks about.

There are huge number of blogs on internet these days and there is no special expertise needed to start up a blog.You can blog on almost anything you want that interests you, any niche that you like of your choice.You can blog about gadgets,cooking, any sports, traveling diary, poems, computer tips, personal blog and much more.Blogging can help you in many ways, it can help in promotion of work, grow your expertise.

>Improve your Writing skills:

Blogging will definitely help you become better writer. As practice makes one perfect,writing improves with practice.The writing skill of an individual improves with the time if one blogs regularly.Writing is a form of communication and expressing your thoughts, views via blogging.

>Attract Audience ->Establish Authority -> Share with world

>Blog are the New Business Cards.

Internet is spreading to every villages across the globe these days.By the medium of internet, you can reach millions of people across the world. Next main thing a writer or blogger must have in his mind is to establish authority.By Authority, i mean a 'brand' or a 'trust' among readers that they will love to read/browse your blog, Subscribe to your posts and never hesitate to share it with world. 
Various blogs like Mashable, Huffington Post, Lifehacker, Techcrunch and many more are like brands and have great authority, nice Alexa rank and loved by readers all over the world.


>Brings out your creativity

As earlier said, blogging helps in improving writing skills, the more creative a post is, more number of people will read your blog and will share the same on social networking sites.Every blogger tries to express his message or thought in best possible way and for this he/she must put up creativity in words to make the meaning come alive to the readers.
Blogging is a great tool that enhances the thought process and creativity in an individual. Thus along with writing skills, creativity, productivity and innovativity increases in a blogger.

>Make Money:

Blogging is a great way to earn dollars, but for earning decent money, your blog must have sufficient visitors.You can earn via placing advertisements, sales via affiliate marketing and sponsored reviews.Best and most common way to monetize your content is by displaying Google Adsense ad units on blog. 

Adsense screenshot

Blogging is no more a part time work, many people have opted blogging as their full time profession and making their living via blogging only. 

Well whether you earn $10 or $10,000 a month, it's cool and pretty nice to have a hobby that actually pays you back.

>Blog helps to drive traffic to your website.


Blogging gives voice to a website.Most of the popular website have a blog and blogs are best way to connect to customers in case of business and build confidence.Via blog,you can share valuable information related to your product.Your business might be on any social media platform, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, Keep on posting blog articles on these social platforms will give your followers a reason to click and visit your link.

> Search Engine traffic:

Blogs can act as a great optimization tool in terms of search engine ranking.Google loves frequently updated sites and blog is a great way to let search engine know as each time you update your blog, it sends a ping and that lets Google and other search engines know that your site content has been updated.An active blog gains blog visitors and further results in good authority, Money , Sales and Backlinks.

Grow your Expertise :

Blogs are the convenient way and platform to expertise in any field and showcase your knowledge.Blog about any experience whether any product you are using, post review of that product in your blog and it will help the consumer and a positive review will convince the consumers to purchase the product from you resulting in sales.

As a personal diary
Gone are the days when people used to write on paper and fancy diaries.In Digital world of today, you can document your thoughts, life experiences, thoughts and words on Personal blog. Any blog has almost similar format as that of a traditional diary and the posts/entries are arranged in calender format with the most recently posts appearing first followed by older posts.There is option of password protected posts in many blogging platforms, in case you don't want to share any post with everyone but with selected friends of your.

Network with  people

Image source: /meets

Blog gives one a presence on Internet, a presence which enables one to nurture relationship and build a reputation. Based on areas of interest and niche on which one blogs, communities are getting formed whether its of geeks, foodies, travel bloggers, enthusiast readers - you name it and you will find a fellow sharing similar interests.

Its Free:
Blogging don't require any kind of investment, you can start blog today without spending a single penny. I use blogger and recommended if you are new to blogging. You can get your custom domain name as cheap as 2-3 $  for one year.

Increases Confidence Level
Blogging will help you enhance your confidence level, Beside killing your boredom, you will realize you do live an important life and something to offer and share with others.

Makes you a Better thinker

Blogging process involves posting only the useful and meaningful stuff, so before laying down thoughts on Digital paper, you will think deeper and filter the unrequired things and post only the significant one.

In today's Blog-o-sphere, Competition is increasing, while writing Blog posts, Bloggers do research on the topic on which he/she is writing  keeping the competition in mind. Research process involves thinking and writing best that will your readers will love to read and share.

In case below questions are coming to your mind or having any sort of doubt:

Where do i start a blog?

Blogger or Wordpress ?

How to monetize a blog?

Google it , its the best source that will answer your questions well, there are many blogs that answers all the blogging related queries or feel free to contact me anytime.

In the end..

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