Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Innovative Indians : The King of Jugaads

Jugaad or Jugaar is a Hindi/Urdu word that provides a innovative fix to several day to day tasks. It is a Solution, it can be resource management, making our day to day workaround tasks easier.

It signifies the creativity and innovation that makes the existing things work and know by other terms like hack or Kludge in western countries, but Indian loves to call this as "Jugaad" and no doubt about it, that we Indians ranks on the Top worldwide when it comes to Jugaad. Jugaad is practiced by all the Indians to make the most out of what they have around them. A person who practice Jugaad is called as Jugaadu 

If you are not from India and landed on this page, Jugaad is smart, out of Box way or solution  to achieve result. Jugaad is adopted in all fields, Indian Companies are adopting it as method to reduce Cost for development and maintenance tasks.