Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Innovative Indians : The King of Jugaads

Jugaad or Jugaar is a Hindi/Urdu word that provides a innovative fix to several day to day tasks. It is a Solution, it can be resource management, making our day to day workaround tasks easier.

It signifies the creativity and innovation that makes the existing things work and know by other terms like hack or Kludge in western countries, but Indian loves to call this as "Jugaad" and no doubt about it, that we Indians ranks on the Top worldwide when it comes to Jugaad. Jugaad is practiced by all the Indians to make the most out of what they have around them. A person who practice Jugaad is called as Jugaadu 

If you are not from India and landed on this page, Jugaad is smart, out of Box way or solution  to achieve result. Jugaad is adopted in all fields, Indian Companies are adopting it as method to reduce Cost for development and maintenance tasks.

Here are some of the Funniest pictures of all the times, that will prove how Smart Indians are in Optimum utilization of available resource.

Because Boys don't cry

DTC buses being used as Shelter

CD jugaad 

Now that is Multipathing :D

Desi cooler made out of Tin Oil box

Who needs Stumps to Play Cricket in India

Observe Carefully, Old CRT TV used as Centre table.

trinn trinn :D

The swinging seats in our Trains 

Mechanical engineers playing Chess

Environment friendly Bike 

Who needs a mirror, turn on webcam

This remote controller runs without battery

That is an Assembled PC

Turn on for Ujaala 

Happy Family on ride , Packing fraction = 100 %

Smart mom :D

Lets check replay for Runout 

The Lap chair

Another Creative Indian mind 

Literally, Nailed it

No Gas, don't worry !!!

No need of Tractor 

No rollers, again no worries :D

Our Stumps :D 

This jugaad helps to serve water by pressing break from above seen in  Langers in Gurudwaras, Nice innovation again

Just chilling !

Air conditioned coach

Perfect !

Cabinet being utilized best way

That's a Split AC, Literally 

Images source : Internet

Hope above Jugaads surely impresed you and  made you node your head in appreciation.

India is the mother of "Jugaad", we are not the most advanced and developed nation in the world, but we have best of the Smartest people on the Planet, 

The art of Jugaad has taken next level

Leading Companies such as Facebook, Google , GE, PepsiCo, Philips, Renault-Nissan, Siemens, Tata, Yes Bank, Future Group are among that are already practicing jugaad to generate original ideas and growth.

With the ever increasing Global Competition, Concept of Jugaad is being studied and group of writers have already wrote " Jugaad Innovation" a book that lays down  Jugaad Principles and insights, benefits to an Organization.

Is Jugaad going Global ?

Share your Personal Jugaad that you follow in your daily life tasks in Comments.

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